What is ThunkBook?

Phoenixing itself out of the acclaimed Pressed, Taiwan’s English Literary Journal, ThunkBook is a global literary publication that has been pleasing its readership since 2004. Pressed has since been shelved, but her spirit lives on in pdf form (here).

So what’s with the name, ‘ThunkBook‘? Well, apart from thunk’s Seussian roots, and hailing from the notorious ‘unk’ family of rhyme, whose dratted heritage of auditory cursedness include such gems as: sunk, funk, skunk, stunk, gunk, plunk, spunk, bunk, punk, junk . . . it, perhaps more pertinently, also happens to be the sound of an epiphany finding its mark deep down in your noggin’s abyss. And so, when thunk is married to something as monumentally sonorous as ‘book’, it creates in itself an entity as ineffably resonant as your thoughts on the matter. ThunkBook.

In this site you will find past issues of Pressed, an art gallery, a Thunk-of-the Month, and information on how to submit to ThunkBook Two. You might also like to check out The Taipei Times’s bang-up review of ThunkBook One, or even dip into AnotherLostShark’s interview with editor Joel McCaffery.  Stay for a bit and have a look.

Thunk you.